Owl pattern (Illustrator CS6)


It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything digital (apart from artworks for TAG Publishing Services, of course) and also ages since I’ve done a pattern. I’ve been quite into owls, recently, and the girls often ask for me to draw them some to colour in (see the colouring sheet I just put up), so I thought I’d try an owl pattern. I picked the colour pallette from an Illustrator CS6 ‘Earth tones’ swatch and chose three colours for the owls and one for the background.

Owl Pattern (Illustrator CS6)   © Tasha Goddard   www.tag-illustration.co.uk

I really like my owl pattern though, as always when I make a pattern, I’m seeing bits to tweak still. The two terracotta  owls next to each other are jarring me, especially as they both have dot motifs on them, and there are also lots of blue owls next to each other, though they are less jarring. I think I might need one more colour to avoid that, or just work out meticulously!


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