The Wool Train: Inktense painting for IF theme ‘Wool’


It’s been ages since I’ve done a picture for Illustration Friday, perhaps because it had served its original purpose (for me) of getting me to draw regularly – to the point where I’m now drawing and painting every day. But I still subscribe and love looking it at others’ pictures. And every now and then a theme really jumps out at me and I can see the picture I want to do. As soon as I saw the theme ‘Wool’, I saw a train of sheep marching up a steep hill.

So here you go. An Inktense painting, using Inktense pencils (and Faber Castell PITT Artist Pen for drawing the lines).

The Wool Train: Inktense picture for IF theme 'Wool'   © Tasha Goddard


I have a black and white scan, too, and I’m going to do a version (or two) of it coloured in Photoshop. I couldn’t decide between green hills and bright patchwork hills. I love this one, but I think green hills could look lovely, too, so am going to do a Photoshop version with green hills. If I had a printer than would print non-water-soluble ink, I’d print the black and white scan onto some art paper and do other Inktense versions. But I don’t. One day, maybe…

The Wool Train: Black and white ink drawing   © Tasha Goddard

And, talking of Inktense pencils… I love my Inktense pencils. They’re one of the best art supply buys I’ve ever made (the set I use was a fabulous Christmas gift from my mum – thank you – but I bought a 12-pencil set myself as I was intrigued by the concept. But a few people I know have mentioned that they really can’t get into them. I suppose it depends what you want to do. I think they can be used in lots of different ways, depending on the effect you’re looking for. This picture shows one of my favourites, which is basically colouring in small parts of a pattern (or picture) and then washing over it with water (using my Derwent Waterbrushes), which gives a two-tone effect. But there are other things you can do, too.

So… would anyone be interested in an Inktense pencil tutorial? (Just of ways I use them – there are probably lots more ways, too!) And, if so, would you prefer video, or text with pictures?

My next big art supply purchase is going to be a set of Inktense blocks, because there’s even more you can do with them – and especially go a lot bigger. Can’t wait.

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