Trees in the Woods – gouache paintings

I finally finished my Trees in the Woods series of gouache paintings. It feels like I’ve been working on them for ages, but it’s actually been less than a month. I think I still prefer the first on (the one with the circle motif). But I’ve had a few more votes for the rectangle one than the others.

Houses in the Woods   © Tasha Goddard


And here they are individually.

Circle motif (or ‘Out Visiting’)

Out Visiting   © Tasha Goddard

Rectangle motif

Houses in the Woods: Rectangles   © Tasha Goddard

Triangle motif

Houses in the Woods: Triangles   © Tasha Goddard

I think I’d prefer to live in the triangle house, though, as it looks like it’s got a bit more space!


I’ll be mounting them and offering them for sale soon.

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