Things to do with a doodle

I do a lot of black-and-white doodle type pictures. I have done for years, in fact – my mother pointed out one she has on her windowsill that I drew when I was in the sixth form, more than twenty years ago.

There are lots of things to do with a doodle. Sometimes I keep them black and white, but a lot of the time I like to colour them in some way. These days, I try to scan (or at least photograph) the black and white picture before I hand-colour it, because then I have the digital image to manipulate in many ways.

I thought I’d show you a floral doodle I did recently and a variety of pictures I created from it.

Here’s the original black and white doodle


Black and White Floral Doodle    © Tasha Goddard 2013


And here it is, hand coloured, using Faber Castell pens (the Landscape pack).

Floral Doodle Hand Coloured with Faber Castell pens    © Tasha Goddard 2013


This version has been coloured in Photoshop. I removed all the black lines and just coloured the gaps – an effect I use quite often, as it gives an etched or printed look. I’ve also added some texture, using Pattern Overlays (set to Multiply).

Floral Doodle Coloured in Photoshop    © Tasha Goddard 2013

This pattern was created in Illustrator. Here, I went the other way and removed the fills and just used the lines (I got these by doing an Image Trace, so the lines are all actually fills). I coloured individual elements (I can’t remember the colour palette I used, though I think it might be one of my autumn palettes) and I duplicated a few to fill out the pattern better.

Floral Pattern Coloured and Patterned in Illustrator CC    © Tasha Goddard 2013

And here’s a different pattern I made (this time using fills, rather than lines). I used a colour palette I made from a photo of flowers in my sister’s garden and again I duplicated some elements to fill the pattern out more. I can’t quite decide whether the darker colours should be in there or not – they work well as part of the overall palette, but possibly not in this particular pattern.

Floral Pattern Coloured and Patterned in Illustrator CC    © Tasha Goddard 2013


Floral Colour Palette    © Tasha Goddard 2013

There’s lots more that can be done to doodle style pictures. Some examples from me include

Female pattern design

Beside the sea

House on the hill

Promarker owls

Inktense trees


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