Alphabet Layers (in gouache)

One of the things we looked at on my course recently (I’ve just come out of Module 2 of The Art and Business of Surface Design. I have a lot of catching up to do, though, as the last 5 weeks have been very busy with work and also with all the Christmassy stuff, so I’ll probably blog about it next month, once I’ve gone through the exercises I skipped.) is typography, including hand-drawn type. I love typography and fonts and I had forgotten quite how much I enjoy drawing type, or words, myself.

The other night I had finished painting a small commission and was enjoying painting so much I kept going and at first just did lots of little bits and pieces on the big rough watercolour sheets I have from Ken Bromley Art Supplies (seriously good value and it’s on offer at the moment) and I found myself doing quite a few letters with the slab brush, so I got out one of the ‘good’ pieces of watercolour (which actually don’t seem much different to those rough ones) and started doing an alphabet painting:

Alphabet Layers (gouache) © Tasha Goddard


I really love the translucent effect, which is not the way I usually use gouache (I’m all about the thick slabs of opaque paint normally!). I also love the colours, which are mostly neat colours from the (Winsor and Newton) tubes of paint (I think I added a bit of white to the green).

I’ll post up some of the hand-drawn type I did recently, too.

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