Floral patterns

I got a new brush pen the other day (Pentel Brush Pen) and I’m totally in love with it. So far, I’ve drawn loads with it and it’s holding its shape perfectly. The ink flows beautifully. It’s like drawing with a really good paint brush and paint that just keeps flowing. Love it! Here are some floral patterns I made from doodles done with the new pen.

Original doodles

Brush Floral: Doodles (1)  © Tasha Goddard   www.tag-illustration.co.uk

 Brush Floral: Doodles (1)  © Tasha Goddard   www.tag-illustration.co.uk


Leaf pattern

Here, I extracted a lot of the leaf elements and layered them up using different opacities. (Repeats done by Illustrator and the Pattern tool.)

Brush Floral: Leaves (2)   © Tasha Goddard   www.tag-illustration.co.uk

Brush Floral: Leaves (1)   © Tasha Goddard   www.tag-illustration.co.uk


Mark-making doodle

Here, I extracted a number of the mark-making elements – spirals, mini flowers, lines and created a number of different layers with different opacities and rotations. I think it’s actually a little bit like fireworks.

Brush Floral: Mark-making  © Tasha Goddard   www.tag-illustration.co.uk


And here’s the main floral pattern with some large, bold bouquets and a layered background taking elements from the original doodles – simple flowers and large leaves.

Brush Floral: Bouquets  © Tasha Goddard   www.tag-illustration.co.uk

I love how the pen can give the different line sizes I like to include with just the same pen – I’ll probably still throw in some Micron 005 detail now and again, but it’s great to be able to have one pen to do so much. The only trouble is that it bleeds quite a bit on most of my sketchbooks – even the very flat one. Works very well on plain printer paper, though, so that’s OK.


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